To My Little Boy on His 1st Birthday

Never before this past year have I been more sleep-deprived, vulnerable, uncertain, selfless. Never before have I been more in awe, prouder, or loving. Never before have I been so happy. Thank you, baby boy (or big boy, I should say!). Thank you for indirectly teaching me not only how to better love you, but [...]

Last July 24th was a Sunday…

and I got to work on Patrick's strawberry cake with funfetti icing, as requested-- and as is the same selection for todayย ๐Ÿ˜‚. Later, my parents joined Patrick and me for his birthday lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. During lunch, I felt some new pains and, as the day went on, we began to time their [...]

mr. elephant

Submitted this for a freelance gig writing children's books... no takers. ย I still feel for you, mr. elephant.   For Miss Giraffeโ€™s birthday She sent invitations galore, And though most furry friends would attend One animal wasnโ€™t so sure. โ€œI know I canโ€™t have any cake,โ€ Mr. Elephant said, โ€œThe calories go right to my [...]