DEAR HOPELESS #1: My Kids Don’t Clean Up

Before I officially kick off an advice column, I want to give a DEAR HOPELESS subthread and hashtag a shot. If others find me to be as therapeutic and helpful as my peers tend to, I'll make it more official! ๐Ÿ™‚ To kick us off, Brianna tweeted me (@hopelessMAblog) that she has a tough time [...]

Fisher Price Rock โ€˜N Play: A Bassinet & Lost Sleep Alternative

If youโ€™re here, youโ€™re probably who I once was: the parent of a newborn, searching the internet desperately for any opportunity to sleep through the night.ย  As if suffering from sleep deprivation and being borderline-nervous breakdown arenโ€™t enough, it seems like, every day, thereโ€™s a new scary article on baby sleep rules and regulations on [...]

secretly terrified of Uber

Let me start by saying that I think the benefits of Uber-- when its service is used ideally-- are numerous. The concept of Uber, however, somewhat outright horrifies me. I'm sure there's a background check required, right? ย But don't they also say, "there's a first for everything"? ย I know this applies to any- and everything [...]