The Nanny THIEF

Just when I'm convinced there couldn't possibly be anything more to worry about as a mom, my nanny returns home with my son to tell me she'd nearly been kidnapped by a fellow mother. When Declan's nanny started working with us 9 months ago, she told me then that she was available because her former [...]

5 Tips to Fall Back Asleep Fast

I nearly once bragged about my inability to fall back asleep once awakened. When I was pregnant, those frequent nighttime trips to the potty always did me in. Before that, a bark from the dog was enough to wake me from a deep slumber and cause me to be awake for nearly the rest of [...]

DEAR HOPELESS #1: My Kids Don’t Clean Up

Before I officially kick off an advice column, I want to give a DEAR HOPELESS subthread and hashtag a shot. If others find me to be as therapeutic and helpful as my peers tend to, I'll make it more official! 🙂 To kick us off, Brianna tweeted me (@hopelessMAblog) that she has a tough time [...]