So you’ve got a Jersey girl who moved to Florida to be closer to family… far, far away from all of her friends… Okay, end third person.  I also work my full-time job from home AND my son, Declan, was born in July 2016 SO let’s just say the opportunities to re-tell my favorite anecdotes are few and far between these days.

I need an outlet and a place for people to hopefully get a kick out of the yes-it-happened-to-me moments I always seem to attract.  Ever get hit with a hockey puck while watching the game?  I did.  “Oh you’ll never actually see free-roaming alligators in Florida.” Saw one. Ever go potty and turn back to find a frog staring back at you? I have. Horribly hilarious dates? Been on them.

And now, motherhood. HA!


And now for my professional blurb:

Colleen is a digital marketer, freelance writer, and blogger.  She lives near Sarasota, FL with her husband, son, dog, and bunny. When not buying advertisements, writing, or caring for children, she enjoys singing karaoke, dancing embarrassingly, heading to the beach, and drinking booze.