Daycare vs. Nanny – UGH

Ugh.  If you're anything like me and you're not fortunate enough to be a SAHM, you've possibly been plagued by this consideration already: while you and your partner work to provide for your family, who can you fully trust to care for your child in your absence? Blegh. Maybe one option over the other is [...]

A SOLID Struggle

Warning: desperate mom ahead.  I need some serious solid-feeding TIPS!  I'd request tricks, but I've heard this tactic is frowned upon... Declan is 12 months.  He was formula-fed for this first year.  Around 6 months, I started introducing purees with a spoon, which he was inconsistent about.  Sometimes he'd eat all 4 ounces, other times [...]

The Nanny THIEF

Just when I'm convinced there couldn't possibly be anything more to worry about as a mom, my nanny returns home with my son to tell me she'd nearly been kidnapped by a fellow mother. When Declan's nanny started working with us 9 months ago, she told me then that she was available because her former [...]

5 Tips to Fall Back Asleep Fast

I nearly once bragged about my inability to fall back asleep once awakened. When I was pregnant, those frequent nighttime trips to the potty always did me in. Before that, a bark from the dog was enough to wake me from a deep slumber and cause me to be awake for nearly the rest of [...]

To My Little Boy on His 1st Birthday

Never before this past year have I been more sleep-deprived, vulnerable, uncertain, selfless. Never before have I been more in awe, prouder, or loving. Never before have I been so happy. Thank you, baby boy (or big boy, I should say!). Thank you for indirectly teaching me not only how to better love you, but [...]

Last July 24th was a Sunday…

and I got to work on Patrick's strawberry cake with funfetti icing, as requested-- and as is the same selection for today 😂. Later, my parents joined Patrick and me for his birthday lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. During lunch, I felt some new pains and, as the day went on, we began to time their [...]